The Thai Silk Co., Ltd.

Jim Thompson has been creating the finest Thai silk for over half a century and today is proudly the world?s leading brand in hand -woven silk textiles. Jim Thompson continues to create first class fabrics that are distributed across five continents and developed for some of the world?s most influential clients and exclusive projects. With over 3000 employees, covering a vast selection of job roles, to work for Jim Thompson is to be part of a company that is dedicated to producing the highest quality, luxury goods and to contribute to a brand that continues to expand, develop and grow across a diverse selection of industries; from home furnishing and fashion and merchandising, to exciting ventures in food and beverage.

       The company was founded by Jim Thompson in 1951 when he undertook the task to revive the Thai silk industry. The “King of Silk” was a man of multiple dimensions: a visionary entrepreneur, a great marketer, an art collector, an aesthete, a man of action and conviction. Above all, he was driven by a great love for Thai people and their rich culture.

The Thai Silk Company continues to be inspired by its founder’s values. The Jim Thompson brand presents fabrics, personal goods and fine Thai cuisine to the world’s most demanding customers, particularly those in search of authenticity, originality, and refinement, who share our aesthetics sensibility, and who are fascinated by the mysteries of the brand and of the region.

Silk is a defining element of our heritage and continues to be a central feature of our business. While silk may be centuries old, it is also a modern material that can give extraordinary results in terms of shine, comfort and applications. Extensive technological research, undertaken at our production facilities in Pak Thong Chai, has led to fine, cutting edge developments in the various types of silk we present to our customers.

Since 1967, Jim Thompson has expanded from around 100 employees to over 3,000 today, and currently boasts a selection of retail destinations and fabric showrooms, as well as a string of first class restaurants both in Thailand and abroad.

The brand is active in fashion, home furnishings, art and cuisine.At our 40 boutiques we offer personal goods like scarves, neckties, women’s and men’s ready-to-wear, leather and silk accessories, handbags, small leather goods and finished home products like cushions, table cloths and more.

       Jim Thompson has expanded from around 100 employees in 1967 to more than 3,000 today, and now boasts a selection of retail destinations and fabric showrooms; as well as a string of first class restaurants both in Thailand and abroad.

Our home furnishing fabrics under the brands Jim Thompson, N°9, Fox Linton and Studio B, proposed in our showrooms have been used by top interior designers and architects and adorn some of the most luxurious hotels, residences, resorts, yachts and private planes around the world.

We do not claim to be a lifestyle brand. We are not promoting a specific Thai way of life. We are simply a brand of culture, drawing our inspiration exclusively from elements of the rich and diverse South Asian cultures. Based on its rich and unique heritage, its extensive presence in Thailand, the originali-ty and authenticity of its brand identity, the creativity of its designers, the quality and mix of its products and services, as well as its ambition to develop overseas, today, Jim Thompson is striving to become the first global South East Asian luxury brand.

The company is constantly developing, finding innovative and creative ways to further Jim Thompson’s vision. Jim Thompson plans to open flagship stores in Bangkok and London, Paris, New York and Singapore; as well as in Hong Kong and Shanghai. There will also be an expansion in our Food and Beverage Business Unit, when we will open high class restaurants in Bangkok, London and Paris. A new fabric Bangkok showroom opened to the public earlier in 2017, and plans are underway to launch another in New York.


96 Soi Puengmee 29, Sukhumvit 93 Road PO Box 88. Bangchak, Prakanong, Bangkok

Tel : 02-7002000 Ext.2904 | Email: [email protected]


ประกาศงานทั้งหมดของ The Thai Silk Co., Ltd.
วันที่ ตำแหน่ง จังหวัด เงินเดือน  
17.05.2024 Waiter/Waitress (Jim Thompson A Thai Restaurant)    งานโรงแรม
จำนวน 10 อัตรา
15,001 - 20,000
17.05.2024 Hostess (Jim Thompson A Thai Restaurant)    งานโรงแรม
จำนวน 4 อัตรา
20,001 - 25,000
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